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Project: WILDFANG - Tamiya Wild Dagger
Here you will find up-to-date information about my Tamiya Wild Dagger truck. The links under the 'Phases' document the evolution of the truck. Click on them for more detailed info and larger pics. Similarly, you can also click on any of the items in the 'Related Info' section.

Project Brief
WILDFANG is a name chosen for my truck after it was customized with my own aluminium stretched chassis and adapted to fit Clod-sized tires. It was both a wild looking rig and a sleek looking racing monster truck at te same time, so the 'snake' paint scheme was a fitting one. Its also got aluminium suspension arms, oil shocks and other cool modifications.


Phase I
Here's my dagger, mostly stock. It's got a full set of bearings and a Super Rooster ESC. Click on the link to find out more about the stock truck and how it performs.
Phase II
Custom aluminium stretched chassis, aluminium shocks, etc. Check out these mods that greatly increases the performance of the truck.
Phase III
The full conversion to clod-sized MT. With the new tires bolted on, the truck is a real transformation from Phase I.
Related Info
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Action Pics
Building & Setup Tips
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