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Tamiya Juggernaut 2 for sale *never been run*
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This truck has been sitting on my shelf for a long time. It was built as a show truck but the time has come to find it a new home. I've removed some of the mods so the truck is different from the one you see on my homepage... the pictures here show the truck as it is for sale.

The one mod I did leave on are the GPM suspension links (beautiful pieces that retail for US$39.00 per pair on GPM's site - 4 pairs in this truck) as well as my custom suspension setup - I left it on because this setup not only looks more realistic, it performs a lot better than the stock setup with leaf springs. Plastic-bodied oil shocks are also included. Check out how much articulation this setup has (the stock truck maxxes out at about an inch or so). In any case, all parts (links, leaf springs, shocks, hardware, etc.) are included to restore the truck back to it's original setup if you prefer.

Other than that, you get basically everything that the stock truck comes with. So you can build a box-stock Juggernaut 2 or run it with the suspension mods. The body you see on my site is not included but if you like you can make an offer for that and the custom body mounts. Body is brand new and never been run.

The whole truck has never been run... not even in the house. I never got round to fully wiring everything up! <grin>

If you're interested, just drop me an email with your best offer and I'm sure we can work something out. :)

Important Note
Please note that the pics show everything that I'm selling. The truck is much more stock than the one on my site. Stock motors and manual speed controller included but *NO* batteries or radio.


Here are new pics of the *everything* that you will be getting!

PA210001 PA210002 PA210003 PA210004
PA210001.jpg PA210002.jpg PA210003.jpg PA210004.jpg
PA210005 PA210006 PA210007 PA210008
PA210005.jpg PA210006.jpg PA210007.jpg PA210008.jpg
PA210011 PA210012 PA210013 PA210014
PA210011.jpg PA210012.jpg PA210013.jpg PA210014.jpg

for more pics please click here...


Details on what's for sale
What you will get are:

  • rolling chassis with stock motors (pic 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • GPM blue-anodized, machined suspension links (pic 1, 2)
  • custom suspension setup - triangulated to remove leaf springs and increase articulation (pic 1, 2)
  • unpainted Juggernaut 2 body with all parts and hardware and decals (pic 1, 2)
  • stock suspension components to restore truck to stock form (pic 1, 2)
  • stock manual speed controller and hardware (pic 1)

Please email me if you're interested or if you need more information.

Introduction | Important Note | Pictures | Details on what's for sale | Yes I'm Interested!