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Just a short update - the Tamiya cantilevers (part 53490) were finally in stock at the LHS so I picked up a set for the TXT. These are beautifully anodized blue with the word Tamiya on 1-side. As always, Tamiya-quality is high in standard.

Review and Tips
Bolting these onto the truck is really a simple job. They replace the stockers directly. However, do note that if you tighten down the locknut holding the whole assembly together all the way, you will bind the cantilever action. Remove the cantilever link and the shock and put the cantilever on, tighten till it just binds, and back of just enough to free up the action. Once installed, the cantilevers ride on the bearings with ZERO slop and work nicely.

The cantilevers are anodized blue with Tamiya's standard high quality, and they are designed with nice curves for a sleeker look. The centre is also relieved for weight. I forgot to weigh these before installation but I think they'd be only a tad heavier than stock.

At the end of the day though, I must say that the stock cantilevers worked great for me and I don't think they would have failed. These aluminium ones are beautiful add-ons though - but the change is more cosmetic than performance oriented. The price tags on these are not cheap either... at 3,300 yen, they'd take a good chunk of change out of your wallet.

The Pics

Just a couple of pics of the cants installed. Truth is, because the TXT's cants are installed in-board you can't really see them much. The "TAMIYA" word is nicely seen through the chassis rails though and it's always cool just for you to know they are there. <grin>

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