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Phase III

Here's the latest update on my custom Wild Dagger. It's now a full-fledged Clod/USA-1 sized Monster Truck! The new chassis has worked out great and preliminary testing has commenced. So far the truck really handles well and it's weight and design really make it a very decent racer.

Here's a top pic which shows all the gear clearly. Check out the aluminium chassis and A-arms.
Wheelbase: 12"
Width: 15 3/4"
Ground Clearance (below gearbox): 2 3/4"

Middle: a side pic showing the cool clod wheels. With the adaptors there are 5 bolts through the wheels that make the rims look realistic and mean! If you measure the ground clearance below the gearbox, the dagger beats the clod.

On the right is a pic showing the clod adaptors from J.J. They are very high quality and the extra weight on the wheels have not shown any problems yet.

Shock Mounts and A-arms

A pic of the front end. Tamiya Super Low Friction Shocks, aluminium A-arm, hex-adaptors and shock mount

These A-arms were also from J.J. They made a nice addition to my custom chassis. These arms allow the truck's suspension to work a lot better. But they may damage the gearboxes in a crash - testing will show. :)

Body Pics

I chose a racing truck body mounted low to add to the sleek look of this truck.

A Quick Comparison

As they are setup, the Fang actually has a little more clearance than the Sassy A-1 and quite a lot more clearance than the Clodzilla IV. Of course, it's a different story if you wanna compare breakover angle.

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