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Phase II

A friend of mine managed to get a more GPM parts for me from Hong Kong. These are very well machined parts and nicely anodized too. In the US, they are distributed by HobbyEtc.

Check out the new additions to my rig: suspension links, front and rear chassis mounts - all made from an alloy to be light yet strong. The machined links have 11 holes in them to relieve weight and look very cool. Rather than being machined first and then anodized, these parts were machined, then anodized, then machined some more so that there are silver accents which look awesome.

Bottom view of the parts. Note the blue booties which protect the universals. The guy who makes these - Freddy - is sending me some new ones which will look even cooler. Not shown are a set of GPM steel heavy-duty universal drive shafts which I also bought but haven't installed. I'll wait till the stock set wear out first.

On the left, a pic of the gearbox heatsinks which are new on the Juggernaut2. Some cool blue hardware keeps the look consistent with the rest of the truck. On the right is a pic of the new chassis mounts for the truck. A set of front and rear stiffen up the chassis and also make the truck look exceptionally trick.

Notice how a lot of the material is removed to relieve weight but don't be mistaken, the piece is very light. Great care has been made to ensure the parts look their best too. Rather than sell one identical design for the front and rear pieces, the rear is slightly different with 4 holes drilled to mount the stock body mount.

A bottom and side pic of the chassis. You can see clearly the custom body mounts to mount the F-150 lexan shell. The suspension has been set to allow the truck to sit a little lower than stock to have a lower CG (less roll) and yet still have maximum articulation.

More pics of the chassis from different angles. The last pic is a little dark but that one was taken in my room at night. This chassis is really a work of art. The truth is that it is becoming too nice to run. I'd hate to put any scratches into those cool machined links.

Check out some new pics with my digital camera here!